May 31, 2014


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River’s Edge Media Launches Thelonious Rising by Judith Richards

Best-selling Author Sets Latest Novel

In post-Katrina New Orleans

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 31, 2014) — Set in the Lower Ninth Ward and French Quarter of New Orleans, Thelonious Rising, written by best-selling author Judith Richards, tells the suspenseful story of nine-year-old Thelonious “Monk” DeCay. His mother dead and his father missing, Monk lives with his grandmother in the Lower Ninth. He busks the streets of the Quarter, saving his money in his determination to one day set out and find his father.

With their harmonicas and bottle-cap taps, Monk and his best friend entertain the tourists in Jackson Square under the watchful eyes of eccentric historian Quinton Toussaint, an old friend of Monk’s mysteriously missing father, a once-legendary local jazz musician.

Hurricane Katrina changes everything. Monk is left homeless and alone after the storm. He befriends a deranged man and survives by sneaking across the rooftops and courtyards of the French Quarter, stealing food and supplies while hiding from both a murderer and the police. As both Monk and New Orleans struggle to survive the storm and its aftermath, a woman Monk has never met appears in the city with answers to his questions about his long-lost father.

According to a recent Kirkus Review, “Richards is sly with posing mysteries to keep readers hanging and pages turning, and they’re answered just as the narrative requires. A bittersweet, sobering urban adventure story of realistic love and redemption.”

“I’m wondering just how long it will take for someone (Oprah? Spielberg?) to take this story to the big screen,” writes a reviewer for The Discriminating Reader. “I’ll bet the soundtrack will be dynamite, too.”

Thelonious Rising is available from Ingram Content Group and from River’s Edge Media. For additional information please email us at


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