June 1, 2015

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 River’s Edge Media Launches High School Runner (Freshman) by Bill Kenley

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (June 1, 2015) — Bill Kenley shows us just how far running can take a teenage boy in High School Runner (Freshman), a coming-of-age novel from River’s Edge Media. High School Runner (Freshman) is the first in a four-book young adult series from Kenley, a veteran runner, coach and high school teacher, and first-time author.



Meet Sherman Leopold Kindle, or K1, a freshman beginning his high school journey as an initially apprehensive member of the cross-country team. Over the course of the season, he learns to rise to the challenge. His often hilarious, sometimes pathetic and ultimately inspirational coach mentors all of the runners — veteran or rookie, braggart or slacker, star or dud — in less-than-conventional fashion.


As his life falls completely apart, Coach Viddstein molds his team and inspires them to their greatest success. As Sherman learns to conquer his own limitations, he discovers that Viddstein’s lessons are essential to understanding his conflicting feelings for his family, teammates, classmates and the grueling sport that has chosen him.


With splendid details and incisive, humorous writing, Bill Kenley brings High School Runner (Freshman) to the finish line. 




“Funny, inspiring, distinct of character, and rich in detail, High School Runner (Freshman) rightly belongs in the canon of other fine tales of the track. Kenley more than lived up to my standard with such books: it made me want to go out and run — fast.” — Neal Bascomb, author of national bestseller The Perfect Mile


“When ninth-grader Sherman Kindle joins the cross-country track team at Pennsgap High School in rural Indiana, he has many more questions than answers. … Set in an era when mullets and big hair ruled, the story often sparkles with the unique humor of adolescent life. … Kindle matures as a character as a result of weathering conflicts, and just as his character arc rises as the plot unwinds, the coach’s falls in counterpoint. In the end, Kindle, the team, and their coach share a well-earned moment of grace that readers will feel they deserve. A solid debut set in the demanding world of high school distance runners, lit with pathos and humor.” — Kirkus Reviews


 “If you’re a runner, this story is a must-read. If you’re not, read it anyway. Very funny.” — Mark Hentemann, executive producer/writer Family Guy



Kenley is an award-winning high school and college-level creative writing teacher in Noblesville, Ind., a three-time Boston marathoner with a 2:47 marathon personal best, and has a 50-miler under his belt. Twice voted the most influential and inspiring teacher in his high school, Kenley knows what makes a young adult audience tick. High School Runner (Freshman) is his fictional love letter to high school cross-country.


High School Runner (Freshman) is available from Ingram Content Group and from River’s Edge Media. For additional information please visit www.riversedgemedia.com or email us at info@riversedgemedia.com.

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