September 10, 2015

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Renewed Hope, Redemption Found in “The Salvage Man”

River’s Edge Media Publishes Second Book by local author Kurt Meyer

Indianapolis, Ind., (Sept. 10, 2015) ­– Noblesville, Ind. resident and author Kurt Meyer has released his second novel, The Salvage Man. Published by River’s Edge Media, The Salvage Man tells the story of two souls thrown together by unlikely circumstances and raw desperation. Both bound by personal loss, they find redemption together amid the destruction of everything they love.

A native Hoosier and father of four, Meyer calls on his personal experiences in restoring Victorian-area homes. He is a Realtor specializing in marketing historic properties. He has been a newspaper columnist and is co-founder of an annual literary journal called the Polk Street Review.

Dan Reynolds is stripping the architectural detail from a Civil War-era farmhouse slated for demolition. In the past decade, Dan’s own life has gone through a slow-motion demolition: his job, his marriage, and his place in the community have all been stripped away.

Then, while salvaging ornate woodwork, cast-iron hardware and hand-made doors, all to be sold in antique stores, Dan has an unnerving encounter with a mysterious woman. As a new housing development bears down on the old farmstead, their friendship cracks open his armored heart and gives him hope of renewed purpose and redemption.

“Set in a rapidly changing small town, The Salvage Man is an introspective journey into learning when to let go. Meyer delivers his tale with vivid imagery and evocative detail, lending such a strong sense of place and time you’ll believe you’ve actually walked in his main character’s shoes.”

Susan Crandall, winner of the 2004 RITA Award for Best First Book and author of Whistling Past the Graveyard

The Salvage Man is available from Ingram Content Group and from River’s Edge Media. For additional information please visit or email us at


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