July 31, 2014


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Indiana native Kurt A. Meyer’s Noblesville

launched by River’s Edge Media

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (July 31, 2014) — The first novel from lifelong Hoosier Kurt A. Meyer takes place in his hometown of Noblesville, Ind., in 1893 and more than a century later. But his book is about more than rediscovering home.

Noblesville tells the story of schoolteacher David Henry, who believes that everything wrong with life in small-town America has been cured by a century of progress, while everything that was right about it has been destroyed. His assumptions are tested when a mysterious electronic beam provides him passage to 1893, where he faces his town’s past and falls in love with a beautiful young woman also struggling to find her place in time. Noblesville is “about what’s been gained and lost over a century,” Meyer said in a recent interview. “My love story is a sugarcoated thread pulling you through some unpleasant realities, but it’s also a metaphor for the larger message of loss.”

Meyer, a father of four and resident of Noblesville, has been a newspaper columnist, a Realtor specializing in historic properties, and a restorer of multiple Victorian-era homes. He is the co-founder of an annual literary journal called the Polk Street Review and author of the blog “The Hoosier Contrarian.” His second book, The Salvage Man, is soon to be published by River’s Edge.

“Meyer turns the pages of history with gentle care and a warm heart, creating a story I’ll remember forever,” said Susan Crandall, author of Whistling Past the Graveyard. “Thank you Kurt Meyer for opening a door to my beloved town’s past and allowing me to travel the streets and meet the people of Noblesville 1893.”

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