As a housing development bears down, Dan Reynolds is removing architectural details from a 150-year old farmhouse slated for demolition. Like the old farmhouse, Dan is isolated from the modern world, resentful and unhappy, but afraid to change.

It takes an unlikely friendship with a mysterious woman to show him that salvage is about hope and redemption and that “delicate things must be carefully kept.”

Kurt Meyer’s second novel tells the story of two souls brought together by unlikely circumstances and raw desperation. Bound together by personal loss, they find their courage to move forward amid the destruction of everything they love.



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“Set in a rapidly changing small town, The Salvage Man is an introspective journey into learning when to let go. Meyer delivers his tale with vivid imagery and evocative detail, lending such a strong sense of place and time you’ll believe you’ve actually walked in his main character’s shoes.”

Susan Crandall, author of The Flying Circus and Whistling Past the Graveyard

“Kurt Meyer’s The Salvage Man is a gentle Midwestern fantasy made up of one treasure after another. Part historical fiction, part love story, and part rumination on modern day life, this novel asks hard questions about the world we live in and the world we leave behind. I couldn’t put it down.”

Larry D. Sweazy, author of A Thousand Falling Crows

“A broken man, an abandoned house, and a lonely woman—all the makings for a beautiful, haunting tale of loss, forgiveness, and redemption. The Salvage Man is a lovely, bitter sweet story you won’t soon forget. I loved it!”

Sherri Wood Emmons, author of The Seventh Mother