the attorney conspiracy

By C. Terry Cline, Jr.

The Attorney Conspiracy
378 pages
Written by: C. Terry Cline, Jr.
Published by: Rivers Edge Media LLC
Date Published: 05/29/2016
ISBN: Softback 978-1-940595-53-5 eBook 978-1-940595-54-2
Available in: Ebook Paperback

The richest man in America in 1967 is shot down in cold blood in his mansion in Georgia. His wife is present. The shooter is no ordinary assassin or murderer. He is the esteemed Deputy Director of the CIA.

Meanwhile, ex-Army intelligence officer and local attorney, Troy Bacon attempts to foil an assassination plot that originates at the highest national level.

Thus begins a deep dive into the “Attorney Conspiracy” and its shocking origins. The members and ultimate objectives of the conspiracy are rivetingly developed and revealed in this astonishing work, which the veteran author once called his favorite work.



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