Missing Persons book cover

By C. Terry Cline, Jr.

Missing Persons
332 pages
Written by: C. Terry Cline, Jr.
Published by: Rivers Edge Media LLC
Date Published: 05/30/2016
ISBN: Softback 978-1-940595-47-4 eBook 978-1-940595-48-1
Available in: Ebook Paperback

A riveting, unforgettable story of vengeance stretched to the outer limits of sanity.

Fatal attraction to a charismatic killer—the only apparent link in the lurid slayings of young women across a dozen states, but seemingly enough for criminologist Joanne Fleming to create a psychological profile of the murderer: brilliant, elusive, sometime voyeur, too often an angel of no mercy, the awful truth of him cloaked in his “innocent”—and irresistible—sexual allure. Fleming, the professional, seeks rehabilitation, not retribution. What she finds—and what finds her—is a fight to the last ounce of cunning and courage for the life of her teen-age daughter against a man out to teach the expert a lesson she will never forget.

Through the swamps and bayous of Florida, and the mired channels of the criminal justice system, Joanne Fleming’s professional and personal lives collide, as mother and murderer track each other in an intricate—and ultimately intimate—dance of death-and-survival.



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