damon book cover

By C. Terry Cline, Jr.

Written by: C. Terry Cline, Jr.
Published by: Rivers Edge Media LLC
Date Published: 06/16/2016
ISBN: Softback 978-1-940595-41-2 eBook 978-1-940595-42-9
Available in: Ebook Paperback

A four-year-old boy with a rare glandular malfunction, a genius IQ and telepathic power is the catalyst of this compulsively readable novel of dual personality and psychological possession. What is at the core of young Damon’s unusual affliction? Damon is a “once in a lifetime case” for psychiatrist Kyle Burnette, his colleague, Ted Drinkwater, and nurse Betty Snider.

In psychotherapy, Dr. Burnette discovers a mature, sensual, menacing alter ego within Damon, a rare occurrence in such a young child. Concurrently, the glandular malfunction causes Damon’s body to mature sexually to the level of a grown man’s.

In the tradition of great psychological mysteries such as Sybil and The Three Faces of Eve and often compared to The Exorcist, Damon is a story based on bizarre but medically impeccable fact. As the tension in C. Terry Cline Jr.’s novel mounts to a high pitch, the reader becomes immersed in the medical experts’ gradual unraveling of Damon’s mystery and the astonishing revelation of how Damon’s cure transforms Dr. Burnette’s own personality and life.



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