The Shoe Burnin’: Stories of Southern Soul is a collection of the works of 24 diverse, talented southern writers and singers.


Lisa Carver is one of the most respected and revered songwriters in Nashville. Not only can she write a hit for other artists, but she also writes absolutely astonishing songs from her heart and soul. Lisa Carver has harnessed and mastered the power of crafting a song that can hold an audience in awe with only a smoky, sultry voice and an acoustic guitar.

Over the years, Carver has developed an enormous respect and deep gratitude for the experiences that being a writer in Nashville has brought her. She recalls the tremendous impact that simply sitting in the same room with artists like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Jonathan Long and Don Schlitz had on her artistic path.

Carver is a storyteller who breathes life into the characters that inhabit her songs of love, heartache, longing, cheating and murder. She feels lucky to be able to earn a living writing songs on Nashville’s famed Music Row. Carver has had songs she wrote recorded by Jewel, Julie Roberts, Shelly Fairchild, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker and Willie Nelson, as well as Sugarland’s “Everyday America.”


“She is an exception; the moment on of her songs becomes a hit you will never hear her perform it again. She writes songs that do not have even a hint of commercial viability. They are her stories, her pain, her loves. When I asked her why she never plays any of her hits she laughed and told me, ‘honey, those songs just pay the bills. What you heard tonight, that’s the real deal. That’s music.'”

—Sarah Thomas, True Country

“Carver is a storyteller who breathes life in and out of the characters that inhabit her songs of love, heartache, longing, cheating and murder.”

—Jason Krupek, Big Tractor Music


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