The Shoe Burnin’: Stories of Southern Soul is a collection of the works of 24 diverse, talented southern writers and singers.


Working as a bouncer at a West Texas honky-tonk, Cliff Cody’s life changed forever when the waitresses dared him to sing at Karaoke Night. Lucky for Cody, a band was in the audience looking for a lead singer. They offered Cody the job that night. He bought a guitar the next day, a week later he had written his first song and six months after that, he moved to Nashville.

Sometime later, while attending a songwriter’s retreat in Wyoming, Cody met his songwriting hero, D. Vincent Williams. Williams told Cody something that would change his path: “Whatever ‘it’ is,” Williams said, “you’ve got it, and I don’t think you even realize it.” That was the encouragement Cody needed, and in 2005 he signed his first publishing contract with EMI.

“Chasin Whiskey” was Cliff’s first cut and recognized as a highlight of Julie Roberts’ album “Men and Mascara” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Cliff’s second cut was “Glad You’re Gone”, a song he co-wrote with David Tolliver and Chad Warrix. He co-wrote “Gotta Go to Heaven” with artist Josh Thompson, and co-wrote the first single on D. Vincent Williams’ freshman album, Down by the River.

Cody’s soulful voice and storytelling style helped him build a loyal following. Cody currently lives with his wife and daughter in the hills of Appalachian Ohio.